The Gate Hotel Kaminarimon offers unrivalled views of the local area and nearby Tokyo Skytree, as well as a comfortably intimate stay in the heart of Asakusa. Mais
If you are a fan of Japan's unique regional cuisines, you will surely know that the central Kyushu prefecture of Kumamoto is well-known for horse sashimi, or basashi. Asakusa's Mais
Tsubaya is an enjoyable stop on anyone's Kappabashi stroll. The lineup of specialty cutlery on display is as fascinating as any museum exhibit. Mais
200-year-old Maekawa restaurant in Asakusa is sure to convince you of the merits of eating unagi (eel). Mais
Jidaiya's mission is to offer Japanese culture in visible forms to everyone. To do this, they give you various opportunities to experience this country and its customs. Mais
Tokyo Sky Bus provides unlimited "hop-on, hop-off" access to three different routes covering many of central Tokyo's most popular locations. Mais
Daimaru Ishoten, specializing in traditional Japanese clothing and souvenirs, is conveniently located on Asakusa's Denbouin-dori between Kaminarimon and Sensoji temple. Mais
Que Bom Brazilian barbecue restaurant in Asakusa aims to please its Brazilian clientele, meaning an authentic experience for all. Mais
Newly opened in July of 2012, Agora Place Asakusa is a stylish, chic hotel whose modern concepts make it unique in a tired hotel world. Mais