Discover San'in

Shimane & Tottori


Despite being the second least populous prefecture in Japan, Shimane should not be overlooked as a place to visit. Situated along the western coast of Japan, Shimane more than makes up for its small size with a vast amount of cultural heritage and nature to be appreciated.


Tottori Prefecture is one of Japan’s best-kept secrets. Located in the Chugoku region along the coast of the Sea of Japan, the prefecture is rich in history and natural wonders that are worth checking out.




Getting to the San’in region can be easy and affordable by plane using the JAL Explorer Pass — a special promotion by JAL (Japan Airlines) that offers tourists discounted fares on domestic flights, to over 30 cities around the country. Getting to the region using the JAL Explorer Pass, you can fly from major cities such as Tokyo or Osaka into Izumo City in Shimane.

There are also a number of local express train services and highway buses that you can take to reach the region.

San'in Area

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