Beautiful hot spring resort area with lakes and views of Mount Fuji

Sobre Hakone

Sobre Hakone

Hakone is one of the most famous hot springs areas in the world. One reason is that the waters here are extremely therapeutic; People come here from all over Japan to enjoy them.

Hakone is also extremely beautiful, with mountains, Lake Ashinoko and of course Mt. Fuji. Some of the views of Mt. Fuji are absolutely stunning.

Finally, Hakone is extremely easy to reach by train, car or bus, and is just 90 minutes away from Tokyo or Yokohama. This means that if you want to come here for a one-day trip, it is possible. But why not stay for a few days? There is plenty to do and see, and there are hundreds of nice hotels and inns to stay at.

The entire Hakone region is a designated national park, and with good reason. As far back as 1,300 years ago, the area was already a popular hot springs resort area for the rich and powerful.

Here are just some of the most popular areas and activities in Hakone:

  • Hakone Yumoto, where trains comes in from both Shinjuku and Odawara.
  • Gora, famous for its interesting parks and museums, such as the Hakone Open Air museum with numerous pieces on display by Henry Moore, Picasso and others.
  • Owakudani, a fascinating valley reached by ropeway, where volcanic smoke rises continuously from the mountain. Black-shelled eggs that have been boiled in the waters here are popular, healthy and delicious!
  • Sengoku, is an area in Hakone famous for its many hot spring bathing spots and quaint Japanese style ryokan inns.
  • Lake Ashinoko, formed 3000 years ago, is long, deep and blue, and with beautiful views of Mt. Fuji. Large. open-air boats whisk travelers around the lake area smoothly.
  • Hakone Shrine, surrounded by ancient, towering cedar trees is incredibly beautiful. And anotherl shrine, high atop Mt. Komagatake and only reachable by ropeway has breathtaking vista views.
  • Cycling, Hiking and Trekking are also popular activities, with a plethora of beautiful paths that are suitable for both the beginner and expert alike.
  • Hakone Machi has parks, museums and the Hakone Check Point that was, for 250 years, one of the toughest check points to pass through in all Japan.

All in all, Hakone is one of the best “value for money” areas in Japan: plenty to do, plenty of beauty and easy to reach. Please come and visit Hakone any season of the year!