Inokashira Park Zoo

One admission fee, two parks

Staying entertained on the cheap in Tokyo can be a trying task with the copious number of spectacular restaurants, shopping districts and museums to explore. It can be tough to stay on budget. Yet, with some research it’s entirely possible to find inexpensive or free activities. A ten-minute walk from Kichijoji Station will land you in Inokashira Park, a vast green space that is home to the Inokashira Park Zoo. For just 400 yen you’ll gain access to not one, but two parks: an aquarium/aviary and a traditional zoo, just a short jaunt from one another. I visited during a sweltering day so most of the animals were laying low and resting in the shade. This is a suitable destination for those with children as they can enjoy both the animals and the Mini Amusement Park inside the Main Park area.

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